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BUT Management April – Putting ‘me’ first

Oh my! Easter! BUT Management took a bit of a hit, needless to say. I really did wimp out and fall for every trick in the book, but I’m BACK and I’ve taken steps in the right direction and those BUTs have been locked firmly into a cupboard (although at least one seems to squeeze out through the keyhole on a daily basis – oops).

Two major changes since my last post have led to a much more positive-looking few months ahead. From mid-2017 up until January of this year my headspace was in an extremely undesirable state. Much as I was trying to fight my personal battles and keep cheery for friends and family as much as possible, low mood was affecting everything to the extent that I finally had to seek out the help of my GP. Nothing huge but that prescription has been pretty life-changing within my own little bubble and has allowed me to stop stressing over all the stuff I couldn’t control and focus on stuff within my control. That’s a win for me.


Change No. 2 followed nicely from my headspace change. A lot of my difficulty in getting off my backside to do any training came with the captions ‘BUT I’m tired’, ‘BUT I’m depressed’, ‘BUT I’ve no goal so it doesn’t matter.’ My new perspective on things accompanied the realisation that perhaps not having any sporting goal wasn’t going to be as relaxing or stress-free as I’d thought. I need those goals. I need that pressure to get out and do ‘sporty’ work … run, swim and, dare I say, bike. I suppose part of the battle is discovering the kind of stresses you can do without and the kind of stresses that are ‘needed’ – like the motivation to get out the door and run. The stress ‘release’ follows. And thankfully, that’s been something that’s been easy to fix.  Cue ‘Hit the Registration button’ and my ‘BUT I haven’t got a goal’ is no longer. I’ve compromised, though. I’ve entered a couple of triathlons late in the season and they’re both short (sprint and standard). Goals are in place … BUT 5 months is a bit long to train for a sprint tri (at my level, anyhow – I’m not going to be ‘shaving off seconds’ lol) so I’ve sorted out my training and safe to say I am now getting off my backside. I’ve been working pretty hard, I’ve battled a few ‘BUT-I’m-tired’ excuses and got the job done and injuries are staying away *touch wood*. My plan is this: I’m currently following a 70.3 training plan. This is enough to keep me working hard, keep my endurance, keep me out long enough to clear my headspace each time and I’m working on some speed stuff, too. Best of all, there is no STRESS with the training, I’m already seeing improvements in my fitness and it’s challenging enough to keep me motivated. Another win! Eight weeks or so before my races I’ll switch to a more race-specific plan and take it from there. Meanwhile, the build-up from injury both inside and out has been positive, interesting and feels great.

All in all, I think the last couple of months have really challenged my BUT management … but for now, I’m winning.






Pre-Season Organisation Task

Right! It’s here – time to get seriously organised. I’m getting a bit scared now, although I’m not sure why because there is nothing hugely frightening about the task. I’m already a planner and a Queen of List-making. I have so many notebooks lying around where I plan weekly meals and my shopping and I have workout log books and running log books, training plans and lots of mini goals …. so why the nerves? Actually, at the time of writing I’m thinking that maybe I’m nervous today generally because I’ve got an interview coming up in a couple of hours and there are so many questions hanging over it …

Will I get it/Will they want anyone as old as me/How can I make myself stand out/Am I prepared enough/Do I really know what I’m doing/What if the job times don’t suit/What if, as usual, I come away knowing there were a thousand answers I could’ve given to those questions and I couldn’t think of any ………………….. *cue SCREAM, FOOT-STAMPING, FRUSTRATION* ….

So … I took a couple of hours to really think about this task and commit to paper and fortunately, I did this yesterday, because today I can’t think past one o’clock!!  (see, people just don’t employ 50-year-olds, do they!)

Ahhhhh!! Stop! Getting distracted again …. The task required 4, 8 and 12-week goals but I’m setting out my goals for Week 1, too …

Ready? Steady? Let’s go ….


Take time to understand the whole plan and what’s required

Sort meals and shopping

Stick rigidly to the training schedule for the week – print off workouts ready for each day

Watch out for knee trouble – build up to 5k by 17 Feb

18 Feb Boxercise course – Enjoy and plan snacks for red flag train journeys!!

Plan reward for successful completion of ALL goals! (that birthday massage voucher?)

Stay positive, think ahead, plan for Week 2 earlier rather than later



February:  18th – possibly (Boxercise Instructor course)

March 9th – 12th – Luxembourg weekend

March 18th – Mothering  Sunday … who knows what the kids will have planned lol

April 5th to 12th – Holiday w/ in-laws and no control over food!

April 15th – Marathon …. Dinner is likely to be BIG (but think I’ll have earned it?)



Monday –  Fitness (SSS?) – GYM

Tuesday – Fitness – Outdoors

Wednesday – Toning + Karate – GYM

Thursday – Fitness + Kickboxing – GYM

Friday – Toning – Outdoors

Saturday – Kickboxing (erm …. Rest day? Not quite, but can’t organise it any other way)

Sunday – Light fitness, core and stretch – Outdoors


Online shopping as always (that way I’m not tempted walking down aisles!). Thursday afternoon is when I plan the family meals (kids’ meals and OH and my meals if ‘alterations’ needed, e.g. kids hate lentils so salad instead etc.).  Shopping arrives Friday morning. I’m not planning ‘cooking days’ because I hate freezing and defrosting (don’t ask me why) … I cook from fresh every day and count myself extremely lucky that I have the time to do it.


4-week milestones:

Weight loss:  4 lbs/1.8 kilos

  • Tick off 4 weeks COMPLETE of 12wbt
  • Running goal:  10k-15k LSD
  • Rowing goal: 500/400/300/200/100 in under 6 minutes
  • Kickboxing:  Combos sorted and learned
  • Pilates: Try not to die of boredom *yawn*

8-week milestones:

  •  Weight loss: 6 lbs to date = 2.7 kilos
  • Be proud of Easter holiday nutrition-handling without offending in-laws
  • Be proud of exercising EVERY day in Geneva
  • Running:  2 x ½ marathon LSDs
  • 8 weeks of 12wbt ACCOUNTABILITY (expecting a few tough days …)

12-week milestones:

  •  Weight loss maintenance
  • GO FOR IT attitude for last 4-week stretch
  • Steady running and BRIGHTON MARATHON
  • DON’T RUN AWAY FROM THAT DAMN FINISH LINE (my usual habit which is not going to beat me this time. It WON’T!!)
  • REMEMBER: The road continues on the other side of the Finish Line
  • JFDI
  • CRUNCH TIME …. READY OR NOT READY FOR ULTRA?? (2 weeks to go …)
  • Kickboxing … BLACK BELT GRADING … hmmmmm!  Am thinking … November!
  • SIGN UP FOR ROUND 2 to consolidate, regroup, refresh, smash some new goals!


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