My first ultramarathon – The Oscars speech …

The Oscars bit …

Yep. Not letting it go without a few thanks because truth be told I would NEVER have started, much less finished, this challenge without the help of a few (although if I’m honest I probably took your names in vain once or twice on Saturday??) lol

Karim … cannot believe, much less relay to others, the amount of support, commitment to my training and confidence in my ability that you’ve poured forth in the last two months; and for being the most amazing support crew on the day! Thank you thank you thank you!

Caitriona … for accompanying me the previous week on that last arduous section of the trail and making sure I didn’t get lost; for organising the greatest reception committee at the finish line ( I still can’t believe all your friends came and froze at the race course for 2 hours just to see me cross the line), for your total hysteria when I got my medal (lol) but perhaps most of all for adopting the role of Jillian Michaels just when I was starting to wimp out at 60km!

Chris … for offering to accompany me across the Downs in the early hours for fear (quite rightly so) that Mum would be lost forever! They didn’t allow it but I know you would’ve in an instant.

Jo … training buddy – for making sure that TRX was well used in our training sessions, for all your totally-undeserved admiration for my efforts, for picking me up off the floor when I was down, your knowledge, advice, amazing friendship and, most of all on this occasion, for being my inspiration to dig in and steal just a little of your ability to plough through that hurt box to the end – as I’ve seen you do on so many occasions!

Kieron … for unwittingly putting the idea into my head in the first place; for sheer proof that if you want something then go fight for it (following you on C2K was just mind-blowing!) – and for the tips, advice and help, ALL of which I actually followed to the letter and without which I would’ve been completely clueless.

SAMA buddies – for all the texts, tweets, support throughout! I owe at least a couple of km for every single one!

Action Challenge organisers/support crew …. I’ve said it all elsewhere – couldn’t have asked for more (other than a piggy back from 75km onwards)

Rockinghorse Children’s Charity – for your support and help along the way – and for what you do every day!!

To EVERYONE who sponsored me on this journey into ultra-madness and mayhem. I thank you – and Rockinghorse thanks you XX

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  1. Kieron

    I can’t believe I’ve only just seen this Oscars speech! Congrats once again on such a wonderful first (of many..) ultramarathons. I’m glad that the idea in your head translated into reality. You put an immense amount of hard work and training into the race and you deserved to do so well.

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