I’ve been to the osteopath. She’s kindly reminded me that perhaps the fact that IT bands in both knees are screaming is a plea for me to stop running on them. I’ve promised I will. Next year. Just a couple more challenges to face and then … then I’ll stop running. I’ve promised not to run for four weeks! I’ve promised I’ll row instead – or spin. God, I’m such a liar! I’ve already failed miserably. But not too, too, tooooooooooooo miserably. I was very good really. I was! I rested my knees all yesterday afternoon. Now … it wasn’t my fault that my clients were late for their session, was it? And … and … and … it was a lovely evening … and I had a half an hour to kill … and there was a 12kg kettle bell just calling me from the car. Calling … calling … calling. But hey! I DIDN’T RUN!!! I did lots of other stuff which can only ‘help’ my knees, right? Glute exercises and abductors and core and ………….

So I kept my promise yesterday. I didn’t run.

This morning I had a 10k planned and I’m still really REALLY annoyed and grumpy that I’m injured at the very beginning of an impossible training programme, but I’d promised I wouldn’t run. So I got out and did the mileage, at least. I mean, ‘time on feet’ has to count for something, right? Even if it’s at a walk? OK, to be honest, I walked 5k. And then … and then … well, my knees have to bloody learn that things are not going to change that dramatically and that they should suck it up and damn well get on with it, yes? So I compromised – and that is a BIG step for me!! Yup! I ran 2 minutes and walked 3 mins all the way home. I’m quite proud that even being tempted to just run the last 2k and get home, I didn’t! I was very strict!

I’m not sure the osteopath is going to see it that way, though. I think I might cancel tomorrow’s appointment lol

Five days to pre-season 12wbt. Stepping up the leg work in preparation …