Took a wrong turn on Friday night. It’s now Tuesday and the downhill is getting steeper and steeper. Crap! Just spotted a ramp at the bottom and the speed at which I’m heading towards it is more than a little hair-raising. Bracing myself for a big fall! Hope to God there’s a pile of something useful to land on. A trampoline would be nice … the bounce back up would be easy, but I think I’m kidding myself. More likely going to be a big pile of poo … sounds about right.

Should I close my eyes and just accept the consequences?

Suggestions on how to avoid the ramp needed rather urgently!


  1. Trudi

    So I am guessing that there is no turning back, if you ccan’t avoid the ramp run over it REALLY quickly.

  2. Raelene

    Eyes open and tackle it full on. There’s no other way.
    (love your blog…such clever writing!)

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