Month: February 2011

And God created ….

Just a quickie – while we seem to be having a week recognising the lack of my children’s biblical knowledge. I don’t think this blog can conceivably omit Sebastian’s priceless contribution. On the subject of creationism, I hasten to inform you that Adam and Eve were NOT the first people created by God. Long before then, Sebastian has reliably informed us, God created Romeo and Juliet!!!!

However, I’m relieved to know that he’s not alone in his knowledge of the bible. A friend posted earlier today that her daughter thought God created Jack and Jill!

Buying into church schooling …

So the topic this term is transport. I was very impressed with Rebecca’s efforts (9 years old). She did a powerpoint presentation all by herself – COMPLETELY unaided – about the Big Lemon Bus. She had a little bit of history and lots of photos of the ‘wedding bus’ and many other uses for the BLB. And there … right in the middle … is a picture of Jesus bearing the cross. The caption reads ‘Also good for the environment’.

Suppressing a huge desire to guffaw at the image of Jesus being an environmentally-friendly alternative mode of transport Рand ignoring the half dozen other possible  interpretations of said photo with caption, I stick with the simplest:
‘Erm …. why is there a picture of Jesus in your bus project, Rebecca?’
‘Because I thought I should put something religious in,’ she answered.
It was that simple. As always, extra brownie points are awarded for any link with religion. However, I DO think this link is slightly tenuous.

What can I say? Hmmmmm. Not sure she’s taking her church schooling very seriously – or buying into the religious element!! Very proud of her, really, for making up her own mind!
Good girl! Who am I to argue?

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